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Covid-19: Luanda airport strengthens security. Know the procedures

The country is on alert considering the expansion of cases of the new chronavirus in Africa. Thus, a team of 15 professionals from the Ministry of Health, which included three technicians from the Angolan Armed Forces, was tasked with strengthening security and screening at 4 de Fevereiro International Airport, which serves the capital.

: Reuters

As of this Wednesday, control will be even more 'tight' for all passengers arriving in Angola. It should be remembered that citizens from China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia cannot enter Angolan territory.

Citizens who have had "contact with patients affected by the coronavirus" or who arrive from countries with "indigenous cases" will be sent to forty - mandatory - for a period of 14 days.

According to Angop, these health technicians join the 16 already existing and operating in 24 sanitation stations at the airport, in order to prevent the entry of people affected by the virus.

There is now a multisectoral team composed of the Migration and Foreigners Service, National Policy, Ministry of Health and port entities that are in charge of national security against this virus.

After disembarking, passengers are instructed to rub their hands with an alcohol-based gel, followed later by a corridor to be monitored by a video camera that identifies body temperature. Then, it is subjected to a new temperature screening, this time with a thermometer, for the final screening.

If the patient has a fever or any of the other symptoms considered suspect, he is immediately taken to an isolated room at the airport, in order to follow up with the appropriate medical procedures.

So far no passengers have arrived in the country with warning symptoms.