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Coronavirus: Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia on the list of countries banned from Angola

The confirmation of positive cases of coronavirus in Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia has placed them on the list of countries banned from entering Angola.


As of Tuesday, citizens from China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Nigeria, Egypt and Algeria are banned from entering Angola as long as the spread of the coronavirus remains active. Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia are now added to this list of countries because they recently confirmed the presence of the virus.

The decision to join these three countries was decreed by the Ministry of Health in a communiqué signed by Minister Sílvia Lutucuta. According to the document, cited by Novo Jornal, it is sufficient for African countries to have a record of cases of coronavirus that automatically enter the list of countries banned from entering Angolan territory.

However, the measure differs for countries in Asia and Europe: only countries with indigenous cases - where there has been contagion among people with no connection to China - confirmed will be barred from entering Angola.

According to the same newspaper, the authority also explains that all airlines have to inform passengers in advance about the ban on entering Angola. Those that do not do so will be responsible for repatriating travellers.

Another measure is that the national public health directorate will have to update the list of banned countries on a daily basis, according to criteria defined by the Ministry of Health.