Ver Angola




Government and Ministries

Angola National Assembly

Military House

Government of Angola

Ministry of Social Action, Family and Women's Promotion

Ministry of Land Administration and State Reform

Ministry of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security

Ministry of Agriculture and Forests

Ministry of Social Communication

Ministry of Construction and Public Works

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of National Defense

Ministry of Economy and Planning

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Energy and Water

Ministry of Industry

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Ministry of Health

Ministry of the Environment

Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation

Interior Ministery

Ministry of Territorial Planning and Housing

Ministry of Tourism

Finance Ministry

Ministry of Fisheries and the Sea

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology

Ministry of Former Combatants and Veterans of the Fatherland

Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum

Ministry of Transport

Secretariat of the Council of Ministers


Provincial Governments

Huila Provincial Government

Lunda Norte Provincial Government

Lunda Sul Provincial Government

Benguela Provincial Government

Cabinda Provincial Government

Luanda Provincial Government

Malanje Provincial Government

Bengo Provincial Government

Bié Provincial Government

Cuando Cubango Provincial Government

Cuanza Norte Provincial Government

Cuanza Sul Provincial Government

Cunene Provincial Government

Huambo Provincial Government

Moxico Provincial Government

Namibe Provincial Government

Uíge Provincial Government

Zaire Provincial Government


Other organisms 

Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (AIPEX)

Civil Aviation Authority

Angola Development Bank (BDA)

National Bank of Angola (BNA)

Business Support Center (CAE)

Capital Market Commission

National Council of Chargers

Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Portugal

Embassies and consulates of Angola

National Diamond Company of Angola (ENDIAMA)

National Airport Exploration and Air Navigation Company (ENANA)

Company Single Window

National Institute for Support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (INAPEM)

National Institute of Statistics

National Institute of Social Security

Angola National Police

Citizen's Portal


National Radio of Angola

Integrated Citizen Service (SIAC)


TAAG - Angola Airlines

Angola Public Television

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Angola

Supreme Court



Agostinho Neto Foundation

Brilhante Foundation

Eduardo dos Santos Foundation

Lwini Foundation

Sol Foundation



Dr. António Agostinho Neto Memorial

Coin Museum

Geology Museum

National Museum of Anthropology

National Museum of Military History

National Museum of Natural History



Agostinho Neto University

Catholic University of Angola

Independent University of Angola

Jean Piaget University

José Eduardo dos Santos University

Katyavala Bwila University

Kimpa Vita University

Lueji A’Nkonde University

Lusiada University of Angola

Mandume Ya Ndemufayo University

Methodist University of Angola

Óscar Ribas University

Private University of Angola

Technical University of Angola

11 of November University