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The country can count on a fertilizer plant as of next year

As of next year, the country may have a fertilizer factory. A group of investors from the United Arab Emirates has expressed interest in moving forward with the implementation of a fertilizer production unit in Angola, and the country could move forward with the project by December of this year.


According to Francisco de Assis, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, speaking to Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA), the "closest prospect" that the country has to this reality is related to the manifest interest of a group from the United Arab Emirates.

"The closest prospect we have is a group from the United Arab Emirates and that probably by the end of October of this year, they may have conditions to start producing around 200,000 tons of fertilizer in Angola," he said.

The minister also indicated that Bié province will receive a significant boost in relation to the quantity of fertilizer.

On the occasion, the governor of the province, Pereira Alfredo, who was speaking at the end of a meeting with the minister, defended the installation of a fertilizer factory in the province, in order to meet the needs of the eastern and central zones of the country.

"It is never too much to reflect on this, if it is not time to project a fertilizer factory for our province and this request comes from the perspective that we are in the center of Angola and a fertilizer factory could serve here the provinces surrounding the province of Bié," he indicated, quoted by RNA.