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Angola reopens airspace for international flights from September 21st

Angola will reopen its airspace to international flights from 21 September and domestic flights from 14 September, no longer requiring authorization to enter the country, the government announced this Tuesday.

: Pedro Parente/Angop
Pedro Parente/Angop  

The announcement was made this Tuesday by the Minister of State and Head of the Civil House of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida, who updated the measures that will be in force from Wednesday under a new presidential decree, after a reassessment of the epidemiological situation.

"It is intended, according to the schedule, to start with scheduled flights, not yet commercial in the strict sense of the word, from September 14 for domestic and international flights from September 21," dispensing with formal authorization from the authorities provided that a screening test of covid-19 pre-shipment, he announced.

According to Adão de Almeida, the principle of the sanitary fence in Angolan territory remains, but some categories of citizens are now part of the exceptions of those who can enter and leave the national territory, namely Angolan citizens and foreign residents, as well as foreign professionals who provide services in Angola and foreigners with work visas.

The new rules "aim to create more space for some citizens to return with less constraints," he justified.

Home quarantine is maintained for national citizens and residents in Angolan territory, while non-residents are subject to the principle of institutional quarantine.

Also considered exceptions are official trips by Angolan officials abroad or the entry of foreign delegations, Adão de Almeida added.

It is still necessary to sign a term of responsibility and fines of 150 to 250 thousand kwanzas can be imposed on anyone who violates the rules.

Angola closed its air borders on March 20.

Angola currently has 2981 cases of covid-19, of which 120 deaths, 1215 recovered and 1646 active, with four people in critical condition, 19 severe and 48 moderate.