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TAAG ensures that refunds for cancelled flights are being honored

Carlos Vicente, TAAG spokesman, said that the reimbursement of the value of tickets for passengers unable to travel due to covid-19 is being met, regardless of the weight the returns have caused in the company's accounts.


Admitting that the returns have caused "a substantial weight for the treasury" of the air carrier, the responsible stressed that the flag company has fulfilled its commitments and made the returns to its customers.

"The airlines have failed to predict the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on their management, as well as the amount for refunds to the extent that the present moment requires, as we are facing a completely new and unexpected situation. However, the company has been gradually responding to requests, according to the availability of cash," he said in an interview with Angop.

According to the responsible in this exceptional situation no airline is able to "satisfy this demand in its fullness". "Still, TAAG has tried to find the best solution for the resolution of these embarrassments and honor its commitments to its passengers," he said.

Carlos Vicente indicated that the reimbursement process began after the state of emergency was declared on 26 March and explained that TAAG's representations outside Angola "have autonomy to make reimbursement of tickets purchased abroad.

In order to fulfill "its commitments to its passengers," TAAG has created corporate e-mails to receive complaints ( or requests for reimbursement ( This strategy was aimed at "ensuring greater speed and avoiding crowds in our facilities, in strict compliance with health standards and biosecurity procedures," he said.

Carlos Vicente also explained that for passengers to request a refund they should send a copy of the valid ticket and passport to the above mentioned e-mail. "Refunds must be requested from the departure point, i.e., the country where the ticket was purchased," he added.

The destinations "with the highest number of reimbursements requested are Lisbon and São Paulo", he revealed, taking the opportunity to indicate that there have been no constraints in the reimbursement processes. "Our clients have had an exemplary attitude, which we would like to take the opportunity to praise and thank", he added.