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Portuguese ambassador in Luanda in contact with authorities on return of expatriates

The Portuguese ambassador in Luanda said this Friday, in Luanda, that he has discussed with the Angolan Government the return of Portuguese to the country, which he considered "important elements for the development of life in Angola and for the economy".


Pedro Pessoa e Costa, who spoke to the press at the end of the act of delivering equipment to combat the covid-19 pandemic in Angola, donated by the Government of Portugal, answered the question about the situation of Portuguese citizens who want to return to the country.

"One day I would like to work more on these essentials, which are essential for the present, for the future, of Angola, how to return, always in full respect for the rules and the existing framework, and always disclosed by the Angolan authorities, [which] are the quarantines, whether they are domiciled or in hotels appointed for this purpose ", said the Portuguese ambassador.

According to the ambassador, the number of Portuguese who are still in Angola continues to be large, given the dimension of the friendship and cooperation relations existing between the two countries, but some members of the community have already been able to return to Portugal through exceptional flights and humanitarian.

"TAP flights are all at the request of the Portuguese authorities to repatriate, the first ones left, those who had more difficulties, those who were caught without a network in Angola, those who had health issues, but it has also been used to repatriate expatriates who they wanted to return to their countries, namely for a few rotations, diplomats too, who have been using TAP flights ", he said.

According to Pedro Pessoa and Costa, "things have worked well so far".

"Nowadays we continue with the Angolan airspace closed and, therefore, we continue with the same format of special humanitarian flights, because we live in a special situation, which takes to Portugal and Europe those who ask us to return, also hoping that many come back ", he stressed.

The Portuguese diplomat stressed that he recently congratulated the Angolan authorities on the way they have been dealing with the pandemic issue, "proving that they have taken the initiatives and decisions in a timely and correct manner".