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Citizens accuse the police of receiving bribes to allow passage through the Luanda health fence

As the police authorities are directly accused by the citizens of Lundas, who claim that law enforcement officials accept bribes to ignore a sanitary fence, they alter this as the cause of covid-19 cases registered in the provinces.


Angolan Pedro Hossi participates in a program that wants to promote lusophone representation at international level

Angolan actor Pedro Hossi - who in April this year placed Angola in the top 10 most viewed content on Netflix in Portugal and the United States with the film "Sérgio" - will participate in September in the program "Passport 2020", which aims to...


Huambo: Malnutrition killed nearly 150 children this year

Nearly 150 children have already died this year from malnutrition, in a total of 1375 reported cases in Huambo province, the local health authorities announced.