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Huila: father amputate genital organ of two-year-old son when attempting circumcision

A man amputated his two-year-old son's genital organ while attempting circumcision in the municipality of Humpata, in Huila province, the local health authorities were informed this Thursday.


According to the urologist Raciel Pedangulo, cited by Angop, the child was referred to the central hospital of Lubango, capital of Huila, where she is hospitalized and inspiring care.

Raciel Pedangulo said that surgery is being prepared to prevent major illnesses, including urethral fibrosis.

"As is logical the skin tends to heal. It starts to close the urethra and makes it difficult for the child to urinate, so we have to take him to the operating room," explained the specialist.

In Angola, male circumcision, a method of removing the foreskin from the penis, is cultural and generally performed in the cold season, however, there are many accidents recorded in these operations, most of them performed outside the health units and without the necessary safety.

According to information provided by the local police, in the last two years six false nurses have been arrested, who due to unsuccessful surgeries have caused irreparable damage to minors.