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Endiama considers that restructuring "will improve the performance of the mining sector"

The administration of the National Diamond Company of Angola (Endiama) considered this Monday that the creation of the National Agency of Mineral Resources (ANRM) and the construction of the Saurimo Diamond Development Pole "will improve the performance of the sector.

: Lusa

In a statement to Lusa, at the end of the inauguration ceremony of the ANRM board of directors, the president of Endiama, Manuel Ganga Júnior, said that the structural changes in progress aim to "put the house in order".

"This moment means tidying up the house, there are big structural changes. During this process of these two years we have been working for the restructuring of the sector and this is a phase with the entry, appointment and operation of ANRM, it is good for us and for the country," he said in Luanda.

As part of the restructuring of the mineral resources, oil and gas sub-sectors, the creation of the National Agency for Mineral Resources, according to the authorities, is a "fundamental step" for the sector.

The ANRM will have the attribution of mining concessions, contract negotiations, and others, functions previously performed by Endiama, as a concessionaire.

"Now we will have the process of transferring a set of functions that we were carrying out, it is a process and I think it will be good for us," argued Ganga Junior.

In relation to the Saurimo Diamond Development Pole, Lunda Sul province, which foresees the construction of four diamond cutting plants, whose physical execution is already at 50 percent, he said it will "improve the performance" in the sector.

The Saurimo Diamond Development Pole, which was presented last week, "has several nuances, including professional training for the entire diamond sub-sector and the entire value chain.

This pole, an investment of 77 million dollars, is an infrastructure that is being built in an area of more than 305,000 square kilometres in eastern Angola.