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Covid-19: Government removes African countries from the list of entry bans

The government removed Nigeria, Egypt and Algeria from the list of countries covered by the ban on entering the territory due to the Covid-19 epidemic, according to the Secretary of State for Public Health.

: Picture-alliance/Yonhap

In an interview with TPA, public television, on Wednesday night, Franco Mufinda clarified that the [Angolan inter-ministerial] commission decided to withdraw the African countries that reported only one case, keeping China, Italy, South Korea and Iran among countries whose foreign non-resident citizens are prohibited from entering.

As for the entry of Angolans and citizens residing in Angola from these four countries "the doors are open", however, quarantine must be observed, said the Secretary of State, guaranteeing that "there is the capacity to welcome" citizens.

According to Franco Mufinda, the quarantine center installed in Calumbo has a capacity for 250 beds, while there is another one in Barra do Kwanza, the capacity of which has not been specified, and the opening of a third center is also planned.

At the moment 196 people are being monitored in the two centers, said the government official, adding that the two suspected cases were discarded.

According to a source cited by the TPA, "countries enter or leave the list as long as there are indicators that the situation is under control".

As for Portugal, "the authorities consider that the cases are under control, and there is no exponential increase in new cases," said the TPA.

The Minister of Health had decreed, in an order dated 28 February, that foreign citizens from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy (countries with indigenous cases) would be prohibited from entering Angola, as well as Nigeria, Egypt and Algeria, African countries with registered coronavirus at the time.

Angolan citizens or foreigners residing in Angola traveling from these countries will have to be quarantined for a minimum period of 14 days.