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MPLA starts this Thursday congress with João Lourenço running alone for leadership

The VIII Ordinary Congress of MPLA, the ruling party, begins this Thursday, in Luanda, with João Lourenço running alone for the leadership, while pre-candidate António Venâncio decided to appeal to the Constitutional Court to challenge the conclave.


The congress of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA, in power since 1975) takes place between 9 and 11 December, at the Belas Conference Centre, south of Luanda, under the motto "MPLA-For a more developed, democratic and Inclusive".

João Lourenço, current president of the party and of the Republic of Angola, is the only candidate for the leadership of the MPLA at this congress, which should bring together more than 2800 delegates from 18 Angolan provinces and abroad.

The first two days are reserved for official work, namely the appreciation and voting of the resolution on the enlargement of the party's central committee and for the third and last day a mass event is scheduled to be guided by João Lourenço at the national stadium 11 de November.

The pre-candidate for the MPLA leadership António Venâncio, whose intention to run for the congress was rejected, last week filed an injunction to the Constitutional Court (TC), aiming to "challenge" the conclave.

António Venâncio, who complains about alleged obstacles in collecting signatures for the formalization of his candidacy, also expects the political bureau of the MPLA's central committee to comment on the content of the arguments in his appeal.

For António Venâncio, the preparation of this MPLA congress is riddled with a "set of visible omissions and inconsistencies" to the democratic spirit: "We cannot accept, for example, that there is no electoral commission, it has not yet been constituted", he said recently to Lusa.

The VIII Ordinary Congress of the "comrades" takes place a week after the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA, the biggest opposition party) held its XIII Congress, by imposition of the TC, which elected Adalberto Costa Júnior to the leadership.

The next general elections in Angola are scheduled for the second half of 2022.