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Romanian businessmen show interest in investing in Lunda Norte province

The Romanian ambassador to Angola, Florim Tudorie, confirmed that businessmen from his country are interested in investing in Lunda Norte. Romanian businessmen have in their sights, more specifically, the areas of agriculture, mining, energy, construction and metallurgy.


According to Angop, the Romanian business community intends to design a seed research and production center. They also intend to create a metallurgical industry, which will support the civil construction and electricity sector.

Florim Tudorie indicated that Lunda Norte has "great" economic potential. However, he admitted that this potential still needs to be well explored, to increase the tax base and insert young people into the labor market.

The ambassador, who is visiting Lunda Norte, has planned on his agenda to visit the Chitotolo mining project, the works on the Luachimo dam, the Dundo Museum and the Lóvua refugee camp. He also has scheduled hearings with local authorities.