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Police kill a man in Luanda when helping family attacked by criminals

One person died, following shots fired by the police, to help a family that was being attacked by a group of people, in the municipality of Cacuaco, Luanda province, police authorities said.


According to the spokesman for the Luanda provincial command of the National Police, Nestor Goubel, the fact occurred when a woman went to a police station in Cacuaco, reporting the occurrence of a group of robbers who were destroying her residence and the assaulting their two children, aged 15 and 17.

Afterwards, the police went to the scene and found the woman being "strongly" attacked by the group, who rebelled against the agents with machetes, hammers, stones, blocks and bottles.

"For dispersion, this is what the police do when individuals of this nature, with this conduct, confront the corporation: some shots were fired that accidentally hit the lower limb, this in the right leg, of the miscreant Jaime Orlando António da Costa, who is the leader of the group called 'flat feet'", said Nestor Goubel.

According to the Luanda Police spokesperson, the individual hit was at the time leading the group, armed with a knife and a machete.

The man was rescued by friends to a private medical post in the area, continued Nestor Goubel, eventually "succumbing, he could not resist his injuries".

On the same day, a man, identified by Orlando António da Costa, dressed in a uniform of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), with the rank of 1st corporal, appeared at the police station, "accompanied by about 300 people, bringing the remains of the failed, making a fuss and throwing various objects".

In an attempt by the police to maintain contact with the military, according to Nestor Goubel, "the latter began to instigate the population to attack and kill the agents on duty."

"It is clear that this is reprehensible, it is not an attitude compatible with what the population's action should be in situations of this nature", he considered, reporting that the people "attempted to vandalize the properties of the police station".

With the reinforcement of the police at the Sequele and Capalanca police stations, 17 people were eventually arrested, including the military, who will be presented to the Public Ministry for summary judgment.