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Endiama uses technological tool ‘made in Angola’ to monitor mining activity

Endiama, the national diamond company, will use TECH-Minas, an unprecedented tool created in Angola, to monitor mining activity and the “alarming” problem of mining, announced the president of the company's board of directors.


José Ganga Júnior said that, with TECH-Minas, monitoring and monitoring of mining activity, performance levels, as well as the problem of security in the areas is facilitated.

"The mining, which is alarming, even problematic, the environmental problems, the ecological disasters (...), we can see from our office, practically in real time, what is happening, if our areas are being invaded, by whom, how, and be more assertive in our decisions", he said.

According to Endiama's PCA, mining must be fought "and this is a tool that allows, even sitting in the office, to see where there is mining, what the incidence is and to be more incisive in combating it".

The official highlighted that the tool, created by the National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN), an entity of the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication, with the support of local partners, such as Endiama, and international institutions, "will allow grow, do more, better, at less cost".

Speaking to the press, José Ganga Júnior highlighted that Endiama will continue to use planes and helicopters in its aerial geophysical activity, with TECH-Minas being just a complementary activity, which improves the effectiveness of the work.

"We, at the beginning of the mining activity, in the research phase, must first use information provided by satellites, to give the tectonic structure of the places where we intend to work, after that, in a subsequent act, the planes go to carry out the aerogeophysical survey, Then people will go into the field, with terrestrial geophysics", he added, also highlighting the cost reduction.

Endiama's PCA said that some companies subcontract this type of services abroad, for example Russia, rejoicing in the ease of doing so locally and in the national currency from now on.

"In addition to being able to pay in kwanzas, we have more immediate availability, but in any case each case is different, depending on the size of the task, etc., we can have commercial proposals, but I have no doubt that it will be much cheaper and with exchange rate savings too", he noted.

Endiama is already using the tool in the Samacanda projects, a 100% company prospecting area, and Luaximo, also a prospecting area, which will soon enter into operations.

"These are activities that we are carrying out to include Endiama as a mining operator as well," he said.

The sector currently has 16 companies already in the production phase and around 40 projects in prospecting, said José Ganga Júnior, considering the number still insignificant taking into account the potential that Angola has.

GGPEN's deputy director for the technical and scientific area, Vangiliya Pereira, said that TECH-Minas uses artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, to improve users' experience when using Geographic Information System (WebGIS) web tools. .

Regarding the tool publicly presented this Friday, Vangiliya Pereira highlighted that any company in the diamond sector can take advantage of it and that it is now available.


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