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UNITA files injunction against CNE already accepted by TC and asks for final results to be invalidated

UNITA asked the Constitutional Court (TC) to declare the ineffectiveness of the minutes of the final electoral results approved on 28 August and that the National Electoral Commission (CNE) be summoned to admit its complaints, having announced this Monday that the TC will appreciate your request.


"The request to suspend the effectiveness of the deliberation meets the conditions to be subject to consideration by the Constitutional Court. This time, we can only wait for the decision of the TC", said the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) in a statement.

On Friday, UNITA asked the TC to declare the ineffectiveness of the minutes of the final results of the 24 August elections and that the National Electoral Commission (CNE) be summoned to admit its complaints.

According to the statement released this Monday, following this injunction, the TC notified UNITA of its decision this Monday, which "means that the request has a legal framework and followed the procedural assumptions".

According to the injunction, to which Lusa had access, UNITA - which according to the CNE obtained 43.95 percent of the votes (90 mandates) against 51.17 percent of the MPLA (124 mandates) - contests the results and says have determined a different number of mandates than that disclosed by the body responsible for the electoral process.

The measure against the CNE states that the UNITA representative, David Horácio Junjuvili, present at the August 28 meeting where the minutes of the final national tabulation of the elections were approved, "dissatisfied with the results", wanted his complaint to be included in the minutes , what did not happen.

"Unexpectedly, he was forced to exercise that right on the grounds, allegedly, that his claim was untimely", says the document, which was filed with the TC on Friday.

In the injunction, UNITA also argues that "the CNE failed to respect" the respect for the exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms and the fulfillment of constitutional and legal duties, being "illegitimate and criminally punishable the taking and exercise of political power, based on violent means or in other ways not foreseen or in conformity with the Constitution".

They also underline that "the exercise of political power lacks legitimacy and that "UNITA's complaint about the electoral results, on which the CNE incorrectly assigned more mandates to the MPLA candidacy, must be rigorously addressed".

"The non-admission of the complaint", also points out the document consulted by Lusa, "can cause serious injury and difficult to repair in the legal sphere of the UNITA candidacy and also transversal to the State itself, and here the exercise of political power is at stake".

The injunction also questions the interest of the CNE in hastening the publication of the definitive electoral results: "God knows why there is such a rush, since the CNE is not an interested party in the dispute for political power", he concludes.

In another appeal delivered to the TC on Thursday, UNITA presented allegations about what it considers to be illegal electoral acts, "which must be null and void" and could lead to the annulment of the August 24 general elections.

"We point out, in the application, the illegality of acts that must be considered null and the nullity automatically leads to the annulment. National Assembly for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA).

The TC announced on Friday that UNITA and CASA-CE, both in the opposition, presented appeals related to the electoral process with that body, but none of them related to the annulment of the elections.

"The court received late yesterday afternoon [Thursday] two complaints, two requests that start the electoral dispute, one from UNITA and the other from the CASA-CE coalition", said TC spokeswoman Aida Gonçalves.

Regarding a possible request for annulment of the elections, the director of the court's political parties office, Mauro Alexandre, indicated that, of the processes that were filed, none of them refers in terms of requests made for the annulment of general elections, but did not specify the your content.

UNITA demands that the National Electoral Commission (CNE) compare the minutes of the polling stations in its possession with the minutes held by the parties, contesting the fact that the authorities did not even indicate the data relating to the polling stations, which allowed the accounting Final.

Last Monday, the president of the CNE, Manuel Pereira da Silva, released the final tabulation minutes of the August 24 general elections, which proclaimed the MPLA and its candidate, João Lourenço, as winners with 51.17 percent. of votes, followed by UNITA with 43.95 percent.

With these results, the MPLA elected 124 deputies and UNITA 90 deputies, almost double the 2017 elections.

The Social Renewal Party (PRS) won two seats in parliament by adding 1.14 percent of voters' votes, the same number of deputies that won the National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA) and the Humanist Party of Angola (PHA). ) with 1.06 percent and 1.02 percent of votes respectively.

The CASA-CE coalition, the APN and the P-Njango did not obtain seats in the National Assembly, which in the 2022-2027 legislature will have 220 deputies.


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