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Luanda Domestic Airport prepared to carry out tests to covid-19

This Monday, September 14, was marked by the resumption of domestic flights in the country and the Luanda Domestic Airport revealed that all the necessary conditions are met to test passengers to covid-19 before boarding.

: Angop

All passengers must be at the airport five hours before the flight time in order to comply with all protection and biosecurity measures, indicated the Airport Management Company, in a statement quoted by Angop.

The note also states that these measures come under the presidential decree, dated September 8, which establishes new protection measures against covid-19, among them the opening of the country's airspace.

The decree foresees the return of domestic flights on Monday 14th and the resumption of foreign flights on September 21st.

The first domestic flight took place this Monday at 3 pm to Cabinda.

Check the dates and times of flights for the next days:

- Monday (September 14): flight Luanda-Cabinda at 3pm and return at 4:30pm.

- Wednesday (16 September): flight Luanda-Soyo at noon and return (Soyo-Luanda) scheduled for 1:20pm.

- Thursday (17 September): flight Luanda-Huambo at noon and return at 1:35pm.

- Friday (18 September): flight Luanda-Catumbela at noon and return at 1:30pm.

- Sunday (20th September): flight Luanda-Lubango at noon and return at 1:50pm.