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TAAG will give priority to passengers with tickets

From the 14th of the month, TAAG resumes interprovincial flights. The company will give priority to passengers with tickets, in order to facilitate the travel of citizens.


The Minister of Transport, Ricardo D'Abreu, explained that the resumption of interprovincial flights is not synonymous with the "resumption of the company's commercial activity". However, it is a measure that "facilitates the citizens living in Luanda, but retained elsewhere in the country, and vice versa," he added, quoted by Angop.

The responsible, who was speaking at the press conference about the new measures adopted this Tuesday by the Executive in the context of the extension of the state of calamity, said that only passengers who have the tickets will have the privilege of traveling.

The measure also covers citizens who work in any of the provinces where TAAG operates and have to travel. However, he explained that in order to board, passengers must purchase the ticket.

Passengers will also have to perform the covid-19 test before boarding, the minister said.

About international flights, which return on 21 of this month, the holder of the Transport portfolio revealed that priority will be given to Angolans, foreigners living in Angola and holders of work visas who wish to return to the country.

These passengers will also have to perform the covid-19 test before boarding, being able to do it 72 hours before flights in the hospitals indicated for that purpose.

"Unlike the humanitarian flights that we have been performing since March, at the beginning of the sanitary fence in the country, with these operations we will be gradually resuming the aeronautical activity, not implying the total and regular resumption of commercial flights," he said.

With the new measures, passengers no longer need a permit from the national authorities to travel, but are only subject to compliance with the procedures imposed in this new phase of the disaster.

After arriving at their intended destination, passengers must comply with the due home quarantine. As for the tests, they will be reimbursed by the citizens, says Angop.