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Aggregate corporate public sector assets fell 5.2 percent in 2022

The aggregate assets of the Public Business Sector (SEP), whose portfolio consists of 71 companies, set at 26.9 billion kwanzas in 2022, registering a drop of 5.2 percent compared to the previous period.

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The announcement was made on Friday by Ednilson Sousa, head of the Public Companies Monitoring Department at the State Asset Management and Participation Institute (IGAPE), justifying the reduction essentially due to the "slight drop" in oil production by state-owned Sonangol.

He noted that Sonangol comprises 57 percent of the SEP's aggregate asset value and the fall in its production had an impact on the overall results of the business sector in this period.

Regarding the aggregate liabilities of the SEP, this also fell to 13.1 percent in the 2022 financial year, settling at 17.8 billion kwanzas.

According to the head of IGAPE, who presented the SEP's aggregate results for 2022, the exchange variation of Sonangol's monetary liabilities, as a result of the appreciation of the kwanza, in the period, since a large part of the oil company's assets are denominated in foreign currency "ended up generating this added value".

The SEP's aggregate equity stood at 9 billion kwanzas, an increase of 15.5 percent over the previous year, while banking income was 112.4 billion kwanzas, an increase of 74.5 percent.

Ednilson Sousa explained that 92 companies made up the SEP portfolio in 2022, but of these 86 were only considered public companies and the remaining six, with minority stakes, were not included in the report.

"So, we ended up reducing from 92 to 86 companies and of these we found nine companies in a paralyzed state or in dormant activity, which for this reason ends up not producing a report", he justified.

Of the remaining 77 companies in operational activity, IGAPE only worked with aggregated data from 71 companies, since the remaining six did not report in a timely manner to the entity.

Luanda Railroad (CFL), Gráfica Popular, Grupo Interactive, Gráfica Damer, Entreposto Aduaneiro de Angola (EAA) and the National School of Administration and Public Policy (ENAPP) were the companies that did not provide timely accounts to IGAPE.

"It should be noted that, of these six, two reported to us after the closing of the report, namely the EAA and the ENAPP, and so it was no longer possible to integrate them. For the purposes of this report, we focused only on 71 companies", observed Ednilson Sousa.

Unitel, a nationalized operator, Grupo Mídia Nova, TV Zimbo, Gráfica Damer, Gráfica Interactive, companies recovered by the Angolan State, and Multitel, which results from the transfer of the shares of Banco de Comércio e Indústria to IGAPE, joined the SEP in 2022.

Regarding the approval of the accounts, of the universe of the 71 companies in the SEP in 2022, ten companies had their accounts not approved, 38 approved with reserve and 23 approved.


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