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PGR seizes vehicles valued at more than one million from the company linked to the Lussati case

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) seized 14 luxury vehicles, valued at more than one million dollars, from Samoma BIG Limitada, a company linked to the Lussati case.


According to Angop, which cites a source from the provincial sub-prosecutor's office, the seizure is the responsibility of the National Asset Recovery Service (SENRA) of the PGR. As part of the operation, which took place at the end of the afternoon on Thursday (around 7:40 pm) with an escort from the Reaction and Patrol Unit, tugboats were used to remove the vehicles from the concessionaire (located in the Tchioco neighbourhood, Lubango , Huíla), with support for the Law of Coercive Repatriation and Extended Loss of Assets, after auction, writes Angop.

According to Jacinto Inácio Samoma, owner of the vehicles, approximately two years ago, PGR officers visited his park, having declared that the trip to Lubango was on duty with a view to recovering some of Major Lussati's assets.

Speaking to Rádio Mais-Huíla, the official explained that at the time they questioned the officers about a warrant or “another document that authenticates the mission”, but without luck. "At that time we asked if they had any warrant or other document that authenticated the mission, but nothing was presented to us, they simply said that the space was not ours, they asked us to go to Luanda, to be heard and to present the documentation", he stated.

Jacinto Inácio Samoma also said that he had presented supporting documents for each of the vehicles, with "everything within the legality", given that the required duties and procedures had been paid. In addition, he added, the documents of ownership of the space were also left, having left with the commitment that they would be summoned, however, this has not happened to date.

Speaking to the aforementioned radio, quoted by Angop, the official said they had heard that there was going to be an auction, forwarding the information to the lawyers: "We heard that there would be an auction, we warned our lawyers and they told us that it would not be possible to carry out the auction, because the case is in court, so he has already contested it and we are simply waiting for the court to rule".

The person in charge also made it known that, since he triggered the criminal proceedings and the company's enrollment in this (which took place in July 2021), he was never heard at the instruction stage, which he considers an infringement of the adversarial principle.

According to Angop, the events date back to the 2nd and 3rd of March this year, when SENRA technicians traveled to Lubango – where the company is located, currently under the authority of the PGR –, having sealed and placed auction advertisements in all media, especially luxury cars.

With regard to the company's alleged connection in the Lussati case, the facts date back to July 2021, when searches and seizures were carried out at the company at the behest of SENRA, on the grounds that it would have used means diverted by José Tchiwana, who is accused in the case.

Samoma BIG Limitada – a company created by Inâcio Samoma in 2011 and which is dedicated to the sale of cars –, according to the PGR, "is a third party in bad faith", according to Law n.º 15/18, of 26 December, about coercive repatriation and extensive loss of property, writes to Angop.

It should be remembered that Pedro Lussati's sentence was known last year, with the major being sentenced to 14 years in prison and 100 days of fine for the crimes of continuous embezzlement, fraud in the transport of currency abroad and money laundering capitals.


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