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Major Pedro Lussati accuses secret chief of kidnapping him and robbing his home in Lisbon

Major Pedro Lussati, convicted of embezzlement and fraud in 2022, accuses the head of the Angolan secret of having kidnapped him, robbed one of his houses in Odivelas, Portugal, and of having appropriated millions of dollars.

: Lusa

Lussati, convicted in November 2022 of crimes of abuse of embezzlement, fraud in the transport of currency and money laundering, accuses the director of the Angolan State Intelligence and Security Services (SINSE), General Fernando Garcia Miala, of crimes of "abuse of power, kidnapping and robbery".

The official of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), in a letter sent to the president of the National Assembly and to which Lusa had access this Tuesday, also accuses the director of SINSE of crimes of "extortion, slanderous denunciation, prevarication and obstruction of justice".

Pedro Lussati, who belonged to the Security House of the President of the Republic of Angola and sentenced in the first instance to 14 years in prison, a sentence now reduced to 12 years, also attributes to the director of SINSE the statements, according to which, "your money is with the President [of the Republic] João Lourenço".

In the 20-page missive, sent to Carolina Cerqueira's office, Lussati says he was falsely accused of 11 crimes, "by slanderous denunciation" by Fernando Garcia Miala, who will have kept him in "private prison, after several assassination attempts".

"With regard to the facts now imputed to Fernando Garcia Miala, the complainant does not make any direct report to the Public Ministry (MP). It hopes that the parliament will do so, as these are public crimes, committed by public agents, in the exercise of public functions", reads the letter.

Suggests to deputies a parliamentary inspection of the legality of the acts of the director of SINSE, associated with the deprivation of his liberty and the theft of his assets, the holding of parliamentary hearings and interpellations to determine whether or not the facts imputed to the accused constitute crimes of violation of the Constitution that threaten the democratic rule of law.

He says that Angolan citizens, allegedly linked to the director of SINSE, robbed, on February 14, 2021, one of his properties in Odivelas, on the outskirts of the Lisbon capital, and, subsequently, stole all the merchandise.

In May 2021, he continues, the same individuals "broke into and robbed" four of his properties in Luanda, where "they stole large monetary assets".

"They stole up to 23 vehicles from [their] car park, while death squads had missions to kill the whistleblower wherever they found him", writes the Angolan major, noting that the "stolen goods" in Odivelas and Luanda were shown in the "report by the Public Television of Angola called 'Operação Caranguejo' [broadcast in 2021] with false narratives".

Lussati also claims to have been the victim of various crimes against people's freedom, namely kidnapping, serious coercion, hostage taking, prevarication, torture and false imprisonment between May 13 and June 27, 2021.

He also claims that during the "robberies", general Fernando Garcia Miala found "monetary assets worth 80 million dollars and reported only 10 million dollars to the (Angolan) State".

"Therefore, he appropriated 70 million dollars in cash, plus around 40 million dollars in goods from the robbery in Odivelas. There are reports that Fernando Garcia Miala is using the proceeds from the robbery in Angola to buy real estate assets in Portugal, through his son-in-law and family members residing there", he points out.

In order to "legitimize the theft, Fernando Garcia Miala", says Pedro Lussati, "committed the crimes of kidnapping, extortion, slanderous denunciation and prevarication in co-authorship with an MP magistrate and the then deputy general director of the Criminal Investigation Service".

"Having created a fraudulent narrative to subvert justice, through a judgment based on forged documents and not linked to criteria of legality and objectivity, and which, therefore, cannot and will never be considered fair or compliant", maintained the Angolan major, inmate at the Hospital Prisão de São Paulo, in Luanda.

The Angolan FAA major also stresses, in this letter dated July 13, that given the "seriousness of the above facts and their impact on the good name, reputation and image" of the President, João Lourenço, he has already exercised the right to "present a complaint to the Angolan head of state, hierarchical superior of the head of the secret department".

Pedro Lussati was sentenced, on November 10, 2022, to 14 years in prison and 100 days of fine for the crimes of embezzlement, fraud in the transportation of currency and money laundering.

According to the judge, it was proved, at the trial, that Pedro Lussati committed the crimes of embezzlement, by tampering with salary sheets of the Security House of the President of the Republic of Angola.

The case involved 49 defendants, including senior military and civilian officials, allegedly involved in the embezzlement of millions of dollars through a fraudulent scheme to pay inflated wages to "ghost" employees.

Pedro Lussati's sentence was reduced by two years, his lawyer, Francisco Muteka, told Lusa this month, expressing dissatisfaction with the decision and guaranteeing to appeal to the Supreme Court.

"I'm not satisfied," said the lawyer, adding that there were no substantial changes to the evidence and other documents attached to the file.


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