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Country wants to increase daily birth registration from five thousand to 26 thousand

The country wants to increase the number of daily birth registrations in order to meet the target of 12 million registrations by 2022. According to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, currently five thousand births are registered per day and the target is for the number to increase to 26 thousand daily records.

: Bruno Caratão/Unicef
Bruno Caratão/Unicef  

"We need to move immediately from the daily target of 5,000 birth records to 26,000 daily records, at least according to the Programme's Action Plan," said the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Francisco Queiroz.

The minister - who spoke at the meeting of the Program of Massification of Birth Registration and Attribution of Identity Card, which took place on Friday, but whose statement was only available this week - indicated, quoted by Jornal de Angola, that each province has a daily goal to achieve and that these goals will serve to evaluate the results in the near future.

By December 2022, he said, the country intends to have registered more than 12 million people and allocated 8.4 million identity cards.

As these figures were estimated on the basis of the Population Census carried out in 2014, he admitted that "they may need corrections, so I would very much like to have the National Institute of Statistics giving its subsidies to improve the data on the Massification Programme".

Between November 2019 and July 28, 2020, 810,566 birth registrations were made and 489,000 identity cards were issued for the first time, he said, adding that the targets set are challenging and everyone needs to be committed.

Admitting that covid-19 delayed the actions developed under the programme, Francisco Queiroz admitted that it is necessary to accelerate "the actions programmed so that we achieve the strategically defined results".