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Benguela: shipwreck causes one dead and three missing

A child died and three people are missing following the sinking of a small boat this Monday in the municipality of Baía Farta, Benguela province, the local press reported.


The motor-powered vessel, capable of carrying four people, was carrying 13 passengers above the capacity, bound for the Lucira area, in the province of Namibe.

On board, 700 kilograms of different cargo were also transported, namely fuel, water, salt and an ark with 110 blocks of ice, a source from the Civil Protection and Fire Service said in a statement to Angolan Public Television.

According to the same source of the firefighters, the vessel's master, due to fatigue, handed the vessel's direction to his assistant, who in turn passed it on to another sailor.

Searches for the missing in this incident, which occurred at 4:00 am, one mile from the town of Senga, which is 12 kilometers south of the headquarters of Baía Farta, will continue until their location.