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Government declares state of calamity and maintains health fence in Luanda

The government approved this Monday the declaration of the state of public calamity, with new operating rules for public and private services to prevent covid-19, maintaining the health fence in Luanda until June 9.


The diploma, to which Lusa had access, was approved at the 4th extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers, which took place in Cidade Alta, Luanda.

The measures will start to take effect right after the third period of state of emergency, which ends this Monday at 11:59 pm, after having been declared for the first time on 20 March, preparing a "gradual process of return to normality of social life".

The executive considered that "the risk of contagion is still high, but it cannot neglect the serious economic consequences that result from the paralysis of social life and the allocation of fundamental rights", seeking a proportional balance between the protection of public health and the exercise of economic and social activities.

Rules are defined for health defence and control at Angola's borders and on entering and leaving the territory, maintaining the health fence in the province of Luanda between midnight on 26 May and 11:59 pm on 9 June.

Citizens are recommended to stay at home, avoid unnecessary travel and refrain from travelling on public roads.

Specific rules are established for educational establishments, professional training centres, sports competitions, trade in goods and services, restaurants and hotels, industrial activity, agriculture and fisheries, civil construction and public works, recreational, cultural and leisure activities, religious celebrations, visits to hospitals and prisons, transportation, etc.

Angola currently has 70 cases of infection with the new coronavirus, four of which have resulted in deaths.