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Water “Preciosa” creates second brand to promote tourism in Huíla

With a view to promoting tourism in the province of Huíla, the mineral water processing and bottling factory “Preciosa” created a new brand of water, which arrived on the market this month. Called “Mão de Deus”, this second brand takes the name of a mountain located near the Tundavala crevice. In addition, the company also has its sights set on exports, aiming to reach the Dubai market.


Assuming the same model as "Preciosa", the new brand is based on the need to diversify production as well as find a way to pay tribute to the province of Huíla, explained Valdemar Ribeiro, factory administrator.

Speaking to Angop, the administrator said that the production of "Mão de Deus" will be the same as that of the "Preciosa" brand: 8000 bottles will come out per hour.

Valdemar Ribeiro also mentioned that an investment was made in labels and containers and reiterated that the new brand is also intended to promote tourism in the province of Huíla, and for that reason it was named after one of the tourist references in Lubango, capital of that province.

In addition to investing in national tourism, the official informed that the company has its sights set on exports, aiming to reach Dubai, where he says there is an interest in importing the product 'made in Angola'.

"There is an Arab group with interest and we have a surplus of very high quality water, but we will not dare to walk alone, because later on we will have difficulties in maintaining the regularity of exports," he said, adding that to achieve this ambition, the support of the Government.

The official, quoted by Angop, also referred that the transport is assured, since the ships that come from that city in the United Arab Emirates return empty, when they could transport the water 'made in Angola'.

Thus, he considered that there is a "great" potential, but investment is necessary to advance with exports, since there are raw materials and technical and financial skills, but the government needs to intervene to generate this connection.

He also mentioned that with these new investments, the plant will be able to produce and fill about 10 containers daily, representing about 300 containers per month. However, he says that without institutional support he does not venture and regrets the fact that the domestic market does not absorb the total production.

Belonging to the "O Regente" Group, the factory opened its doors in 2014. It is capable of filling 8,000 bottles of 1.5 liters and 0.5 milliliters of water per hour, using the Humpata spur aquifer. However, without a large market presence, a portion of the filtered water ends up being wasted.


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