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Spain to sign agreement with Angola to facilitate Iberia's return to Luanda

The Spanish ambassador in Luanda said that Spain will sign four protocols with Angola, including one in the area of air transport, during the visit of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to the country this week.


In an interview with Lusa, the Spanish diplomat said that agreements should be signed in the area of ​​air transport, agriculture, fisheries and industry, with special emphasis on aviation.

"It is important to facilitate the arrival of Spanish airlines to Angola or Angolan airlines to travel to Spain, this is the idea of ​​this agreement", he said.

Iberia flew to Angola until 2016, but it lacked an instrument of legal security to provide "more legal support", which will happen with the new agreement, which opens the possibility of returning these flights, according to the ambassador, who excused himself to make predictions about dates, given the global pandemic situation.

Spain, which is also "very strong in fisheries" and has several vessels fishing in Angolan waters, wants to also strengthen its presence in this sector, as well as in the agricultural sector and in industrial activities, said Ruigómez.

Regarding Pedro Sánchez's visit, he stressed that the fundamental and priority objective is the attraction of Spanish companies to Angola and the strengthening of the economic and business relationship between the two countries.

"The aim is to facilitate Spanish contacts in Angola and send a very clear message to Spanish investors and Spanish companies in general, that Angola is a country open to investment and that it has the support of the Angolan authorities," he told Lusa.

He also highlighted the importance of the proximity of personal relations between the two heads of state so that Spanish companies feel more comfortable to operate in Angola or vice versa.

Spain currently has more than 60 companies operating in Angola in sectors as diverse as energy, banking, construction and agriculture and Manuel Ruigómez also pointed out the interest in tourism.

"A major investment" is also underway in the center of the country, in the province of Bié, where a university for 12,000 students with skills in the area of ​​health, engineering, law and human sciences is being concluded, the diploma added, explaining that the new 'campus' which it hopes to open in June, fills a gap that currently exists in university education in that region.

The Castilian ambassador also addressed the good Iberian understanding at the business level, which has already resulted in the creation of several consortia.

"There is intertwined interest between Portuguese and Spanish companies here (in Angola) and it is necessary to underline the good understanding that exists," he said.

Among the Portuguese-Spanish partnerships, he highlighted cooperation in mapping the southern sector of the Angolan geological plan (PLANAGEO), to accurately identify mineral resources, a collaboration that must be reinforced with participation in a new tender.

Civil construction and public works and banking are other sectors where Spanish and Portuguese companies operate together in the country.