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Francisco "Tchikuteny", the father of Angola's largest family, died

The father of the largest family in Angola (and the world) died this Wednesday. Francisco Sabalo Pedro "Tchikuteny", the patriarch of a family of 580 people, died in his home at the age of 72.


Francisco had been fighting prostate cancer for a few years. After undergoing several treatments, he ended up dying at home on the island of Mungongo, Namibe, writes Angop.

The patriarch was part of the largest family in Angola and the world. The family consists of a total of 580 people, divided into 42 women, 152 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Sabalo Pedro, Francisco's brother, revealed that the patriarch always tried to keep the family together: "Here there was always a rule that we should all be united and have equal rights. The women were guided by their eldest wife, named Eva, who helps others, especially pregnant women at the time of birth," he said, quoted by Angop.

The children mourned their father's death, saying that things could fall apart without his presence. "Our father did everything for us to study and with his death we don't know what will become of us, because the government entities only knew him, now everything will become difficult for our family", they revealed.