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Silvia Lutucuta has already been vaccinated against covid-19

The Minister of Health was vaccinated this Wednesday against covid-19. Silvia Lutucuta is joined by Franco Mufinda, Secretary of State for Public Health, who also received the first dose today.


The Health Minister "received the first dose of the vaccine against covid-19, this Wednesday morning, March 10, in Luanda," revealed the Ministry of Health, in a note posted on its Facebook page.

The ruler used the occasion to announce that "there have been no noteworthy adverse effects after the vaccine" and assure the "effectiveness of the vaccine."

"We must indeed protect ourselves, the vaccine is safe, it saves lives, and in this way we can continue to provide our service to the nation and the sector," she said, stressing that she belongs to the group of people exposed.

Besides Silvia Lutucuta, other members of the Executive were also vaccinated this Wednesday. It is the case of the Secretaries of State for Public Health and for the Hospital Area, Franco Mufinda and European Leonardo, respectively.

The Secretary of State for the Hospital Area stressed that several pieces of information circulated advising people not to join the vaccination, due to the short time of its preparation.

"It is obvious that there was that fear, a product of the time prior to the preparation of the vaccine, but it is safe. What happened was an acceleration in the manufacturing process", he said.

In his turn, the Secretary of State for Public Health, Franco Mufinda, pointed out that it is necessary to wait up to eight weeks to complete the second dose in order to do the follow-up and to check if, in fact, there is immunity or not.

"This immunization is recent and it is not very well known until when one can acquire the immunity. We are conducting in parallel a study before and after the first dose and after the second dose, to evaluate when the so-called immunity will actually appear", he said.

Also Djamila Cabral, representative of the World Health Organization in Angola and Andrew Trevett, deputy representative of UNICEF, were vaccinated.

Djamila Cabral was pleased with the "organization and response that the population and health personnel, in the first place, have been giving.

So far more than 11,000 people have been vaccinated, the note adds.