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'Sócia', the app that wants to sell zungueiras’s products to stay at home

The App Partner is no longer new in Angola. The application allows you to facilitate shared purchases so that prices become more accessible, taking into account the quantity. However, and aware of the state of emergency experienced in the country,...


Sellers hide gas cylinders to push prices up, denounces Sonangol

There are kitchen gas resellers who are taking a portion of the bottles in order to increase the price of the product. According to Sonangol's complaint, the dealers have alleged that prices have gone up because of product shortages.


Industrialists of the country in favour of joining the sector with that of Commerce as long as it "pulls" by production

The president of the Industrial Association of Angola (AIA) declared himself on Thursday in favour of the reduction of ministries and the joining of Industry and Commerce in the same tutelage, provided that the model is thought in favour of...