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Constitution suspends judgment that declared the political party APN extinct

The Constitutional Court (TC) suspended the judgment that declared the National Patriotic Alliance (APN) extinct, last December, admitting the extraordinary appeal of unconstitutionality presented by the opposition political party, said this Tuesday to Lusa, a source of that formation.


According to the general secretary of the APN, Pedro Vita, his party, which in the general elections of 24 August 2022 obtained 0.48 percent of the votes validly cast, asked the presiding judge of the TC, on 27 December 2022, to admit the appeal and it was accepted.

"The accusation made to us by the PGR (Attorney General of the Republic) made mention of the element of the Law on Political Parties, in which it mentions that parties that did not achieve 0.5 percent in legislative elections could be extinguished, it turns out that we do not participate in legislative elections, but in general elections", explained Pedro Vita to Lusa.

"Since we have not participated in legislative elections, he continued, we do not feel affected by this principle, which is why we appeal and hope in this way that justice is done, so much so that we have already been noted", he stressed.

"It is a legitimate claim, so much so that there is already acceptance that it is valid and we hope that justice will do the job", highlighted the politician.

The presiding judge of the TC, Laurinda Cardoso, in an order dated January 30, 2023, which Lusa had access to this Tuesday, admits the APN's appeal to the plenary with "suspensive effect".

The Constitutional Court declared, on 19 December 2022, the political parties APN and the Nationalist Party for Justice in Angola (P-Njango) to be extinct for failing to reach 0.5 percent of the total valid votes in the general elections on 24 August.

The plenary of advisory judges of the TC in judgments 789/2022 and 790/2022 orders the cancellation of the registration of the two political forces and determines that their competent statutory bodies proceed with their liquidation within a period of 90 days, with the activity of the directorates and other bodies limit themselves to what is strictly necessary to carry out the liquidation process under the terms of the law.

Regarding the APN, legalized on 13 October 2015 and chaired by Quintino de Moreira, the judgment states that it participated in the general elections on 24 August and did not obtain the percentage of valid votes required by law.

The plenary of TC judges emphasizes that it found and considered proven that the APN participated in the general elections and obtained 30,139 votes at national level, corresponding to 0.48 percent of the votes validly cast, so that the conditions for its extinction are met.

With regard to P-Njango, legalized on May 23, it participated in this year's general elections, but did not reach the 0.5 percent of valid votes required by law, having obtained 26,867 votes at national level, corresponding to 0.4 percent validly cast votes.

In the judgments, the plenary of TC judges emphasizes that the Political Parties Law establishes that one of the causes for the extinction of a political party is the failure, in an electoral act, by the party alone or in a coalition, of at least 0.5 per percent of votes validly cast.

The APN national secretariat, in a statement dated February 4, asks all party leaders, militants, friends and supporters to maintain "the serenity and patriotic spirit that has always characterized them", confident that "justice will be done".

In the general elections of 24 August 2022, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), winner of the suffrage, National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Angolan Humanist Party (PHA), National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) and the Social Renewal Party (PRS), all with parliamentary seats.

The parties APN and P-Njango and the coalition of parties Convergência Ampla de Salvação de Angola – Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE) also participated and these did not elect any deputy.


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