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Cell phone factory assembled 15 thousand handsets in less than a year

The factory for cell phones, tablets and computers was inaugurated in October 2020 and, in less than a year, has already managed to reach about 15 percent of its installed capacity, corresponding to 100,000 devices per year. All told, so far the factory, installed in the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone (ZEE), has assembled about 15,000 cell phones.


The company's executive director, Shir Berry, admitted that the numbers have already exceeded the expectations outlined. He also said that the factory intends to continue the work developed so far, in order to meet market needs.

Shir Berry said, quoted by Angop, that the company wants to apply prices for "all pockets". Therefore, cell phones will cost between 13 thousand kwanzas and 135 thousand kwanzas.

He also revealed that since the factory unit was inaugurated, 50 jobs have been generated, of which 80 percent are Angolans.

"The commitment to guarantee jobs and new technologies consists in dynamizing the telecommunications market, taking into account the new dynamics that it imposes, with a view to contributing to economic growth, in general," indicated Shir Berry.

The factory will also serve to facilitate the access of Angolans to intelligent products, as well as foster technological development.

The official announced that the company wants to expand the project by creating distribution centers outside the capital, with emphasis on the provinces of Cabinda, Benguela, Uíge and Huambo.

The factory occupies an area of 1140 square meters and consists of three departments: offices, manufacturing and storage.

The unit had an Afrione investment of about 15 million dollars and a credit line of 2 billion dollars from the United Arab Emirates.