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UNITA demands investigation into attacks against journalist's wife

UNITA demanded that the President take action on the various and recent acts of aggression against the wife of Rádio Despertar journalist, Cláudio Emanuel Pinto, carried out in Luanda by unknown men.


At a press conference, the leader of the parliamentary group of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Liberty Chiaka, questioned the silence of the competent authorities for the investigation of this case.

At stake are attacks, on three occasions, on Ludmila Pinto, wife of the activist and radio journalist assigned to UNITA, since last September, within an interval of about 30 days.

According to Liberty Chiaka, the first attack involved two armed and masked men, who invaded the couple's residence, while the journalist was away from home, on September 20, around the beginning of the night, when "they tortured, and cut off the wife's arms and threatened to kill their only one year and three months old son".

The second attack took place in a gym close to the house, when a man approached "and quickly cut his wife's left leg with a sharp object, a scalpel".

The woman "had five stitches and the security guard accompanying her was unable to prevent the attack, that was on the 18th of October", said the deputy, reporting the third attack, which took place this Monday, when Ludmila Pinto, accompanied by the security guard, he went to the supermarket and on the way out, when he got into the taxi, "he realized that his clothes were bloody, that he had a deep cut on his left thigh".

"She called her husband and they immediately went to the Estoril do Patriota clinic. The wife had 15 stitches, Doctor Selma said that the cut was made with a scalpel. the climate of fear, who is interested in intimidating and conditioning the family of a journalist and civic activist", he questioned.

The leader of the UNITA parliamentary group questioned why the competent State bodies, namely the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC), the Attorney General's Office (PGR), the State Information and Security Services (Sinse) do not act .

Liberty Chiaka accused the competent State bodies of inertia for having been "kidnapped by agents of the regime or because they are connivers or perpetrators".

"The UNITA parliamentary group is demanding a republican stance from the President of the Republic, in line with the defense of the interests of people, families, companies. Nobody invests in a country where corruption cohabits with state terrorism", he said.

According to the deputy, "the State is responsible for this act of terrorism", otherwise "the perpetrators, both moral and material perpetrators would be arrested".

"The State has the technological and human conditions to detain the perpetrators of that act today. First, Kero in Kilamba has video surveillance cameras, second, the moral author of the act, the person who ordered this act of terrorism, sent a message to tell the journalist, that he would be watching his wife dying little by little and he said verbatim that he had already warned the boss, his 'boss' Adalberto [UNITA leader, Adalberto Costa Júnior]", he stressed.

The deputy stressed that "the terror regime of the last three years" is being re-edited.

"Angolans are witnesses, in the last three years, the public press was used to fight UNITA, to fight its leader, the courts were used to condition political competition, made the formation of serious political parties unfeasible, made the UNITA congress unfeasible , tried to make UNITA's candidacy unfeasible through the courts, many UNITA members were bought and we have proof, by State Security Services officials", he described.

For UNITA, this is a direct message to the activist and journalist Cláudio Emanuel, known as Cláudio In, presenter of a social criticism program called "In", for about ten years, which runs between 17:00 and 19:00 :00, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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