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Covid-19: foundation support brings 1.2 million vaccines to Angola

The support of one of the largest foundations in the world will reinforce the fight against covid-19 with 1.2 million vaccines distributed throughout Angola and Mozambique, the promoters announced in a statement.


Angola received 453,600 doses of Janssen a week ago, while Mozambique received, on Friday, another 756,000 vaccines of the same brand, in a single dose.

Vaccines are part of a total of 15.2 million that the Mastercard Foundation and the African Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have announced donating and that were purchased under the Saving Lives and Livelihoods initiative.

"This is the first tranche of vaccines to be delivered under the initiative", and "the distribution will be made by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)", they announced.

The initiative is intended to develop a strong team for vaccine manufacturing and to strengthen the African CDC's capacity to oversee vaccination - even to respond to future outbreaks, they add.

"There is much to do to rapidly increase vaccination rates: we call on governments, funders, civil society and others to mobilize to save lives and create livelihoods in Africa," said Mastercard Foundation Executive President, Reeta Roy, quoted in the statement.

Vaccines purchased under the initiative take advantage of an agreement negotiated by the African Vaccine Acquisition Trust, AVAT earlier this year to purchase 400 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines, as well as an agreement more recent purchase of 50 million Moderna vaccines.

"The AVAT mechanism was created to allow African countries to be able to directly purchase vaccines at reduced prices through large-volume orders", also bringing together the African Union and Afreximbank, notes the statement.

The Mastercard Foundation was created in 2006 when the international brand of cards and financial transactions was traded on the stock exchange in New York, and is today one of the largest foundations in the world with approximately 40 billion dollars in assets.