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Luanda government signs Paris Declaration to eradicate HIV-AIDS by 2030

The Governor of Luanda, Ana Paula de Carvalho, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo and one of the representatives of UNAIDS in Angola, signed this Wednesday, at the Noble Hall of the Government of the Province of Luanda, the “Declaration of Commitment to Paris”, which aims to eradicate HIV-AIDS in cities by 2030.


Launched in 2014 by UNAIDS, and ratified in 2021 by the Government, the actions contained in the Paris Declaration will be monitored, taking into account the needs of people living with the disease within the framework of the protection of human rights, as well as the defense of dignity against the risks of contamination, refers a statement made available by the Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL).

The Governor assured that this act of signing reflects the Government's will to fulfill the goals of the Paris Declaration, and that it is also part of the process of administrative deconcentration and decentralization of health services in Luanda, despite the various constraints caused by the covid- 19.

In this way, Ana Paula de Carvalho urged the State Administration bodies in Luanda to "think global but act locally", so that the goals of the United Nations can be achieved and citizens have access to diagnostic and treatment services. quality.

The goals aim that 95 percent of HIV carriers are aware of their diagnosis, that 95 percent of those diagnosed are on antiretroviral treatment and that 95 percent are on a sustained load suppressed.

The approximately 40 percent of people living with HIV-AIDS "is reason enough to accelerate actions aimed at reducing the rate of HIV prevalence in Luanda", adds the GPL, which forces the elaboration of the acceleration plan, in a context in which scientific advances are visible, as well as community activism that aims to raise awareness and overcome stigma, through correct information.

Data from the "Nascer Livre para Brilhar" project reveal that the coverage rate of beneficiary women increased 34 percent in 2018 and 68 percent in 2020, with a reduction in the transmission rate from mothers to children in the order of 28 and 19 per cent. percent in the period in question.

The minister of Youth and Sports participated in the act. Ana Paula Neto, the Secretary of State for Public Health, Franco Mufinda, the UNAIDS director for Angola, Michel Kouakou and the director of the National Institute for the Fight against HIV-AIDS, Lúcia Furtado, as well as provincial directors and municipal administrators.