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Téte António received Israeli ambassador after statements on Angola's position in the conflict

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) announced that the Israeli ambassador in Luanda was summoned due to the statements he made on Thursday regarding Angola's position in the conflict in the Middle East, in which he expressed "deep disappointment".

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In those statements, Ambassador Shimon Solomon expressed "deep disappointment" with Angola for not having condemned the Hamas attack on the country and added that friends know each other in difficult times.

In the statement, MIREX said that the head of Angolan diplomacy, Téte António, "received this Friday morning" Ambassador Shimon Solomon.

"The Israeli Ambassador was summoned by the head of Angolan diplomacy following statements made to the press, related to the current state of the situation in the Middle East, with particular emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," the statement said.

The note distributed to the press highlights that, on Wednesday, Téte António "received Ambassador Shimon Solomon, where he took the opportunity to inform the Angolan Government about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict".

On the occasion, Téte António "informed the Israeli ambassador that the Angolan Government condemns any and all types of violent acts that may endanger the peace and stability of the region, reiterating that the solution to the conflict necessarily involves compliance with the United Nations resolutions on the existence of two States cohabiting peacefully."

The statement also noted that the Southern African Development Community (SADC) "expressed its position in the region," in a note signed by the Angolan head of state and acting president of that organization, João Lourenço.

In this statement, SADC condemned the acts of violence resulting from the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

In the first paragraph, the statement signed by João Lourenço signaled that "regrettably, the Southern African Development Community has become aware of the resurgence of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, aggravating the security situation between the two countries."

João Lourenço condemned the violence as acting president of SADC but did not do so as Angola's head of state.

"We are good friends of Angola, we regret that there has been no condemnation of this attack," Shimon Solomon criticized on Thursday, noting that other African countries such as Ghana, Kenya or the Democratic Republic of Congo have already done so.

"But in Angola, unfortunately we haven't seen that yet," he said.

"Our expectation, as we are friends, was that Angola would condemn the attack. We see who friends are in difficult times," he stressed, stating that the SADC communiqué is only a condemnation of the violence, in general and diplomatic terms, without taking a position.

The resurgence of the conflict in the Middle East was triggered by the surprise attack, on Saturday (7 October), by the Islamist movement Hamas on Israel, which in addition to deaths took hostages of different nationalities, followed by new attacks and an Israeli response with a siege of the Palestinian enclave.

Hamas has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007 and is classified as a "terrorist group" by the European Union (EU), the United States and Israel.


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