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European Union and rapper CFK team up to promote entrepreneurship in Angola

The European Union (EU) and the Angolan rapper and businessman Cláudio Kiala, better known as CFK, joined together to promote entrepreneurship in Angola. With this partnership, a set of masterclasses on training and entrepreneurship will be launched.


The initiative, which starts on October 15, aims to "provide young Angolans, recent graduates or those in the process of entering the labor market, with some essential tools and a forum for the development and expression of their ideas", according to a statement. sent to VerAngola.

The masterclasses will take place on the 15th, 18th and 20th of October, on the EU's Facebook in Angola. The statement said that these trainings are intended for "young people who are taking their first steps in the business world".

The masterclasses will be led by Cláudio Kiala and will feature "prominent Angolan entrepreneurs, whose achievements benefit and inspire our communities on a daily basis".

According to the statement, this initiative is part of the campaign "Africa and the European Union: Together. Tomorrow. Today", which "focuses on highlighting the importance of connections and putting people first across the continent."