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Four alleged robbers killed in Luanda after attempted robbery

An alleged thief was shot dead by police and three others were lynched by people after attempted robbery in Luanda, the police announced this Thursday.


According to the spokesman for the Luanda Provincial Command of the National Police, chief superintendent Nestor Goubel, the events took place on Wednesday night, in the Fubú and Mbondo Chapé area, Talatona district, south of Luanda.

According to the police officer, initially four armed men, who were riding on motorbikes, tried to assault a woman at the Fubú roundabout, who died, despite the robbery being foiled by police officers.

In the Mbondo Chapé neighborhood, they also attempted a new robbery, the victim of which was an officer of the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC), who fired some shots there, fatally hitting one of the alleged assailants.

The rest, said Nestor Goubel, still tried to escape, but the involvement of the local population prevented them from leaving, having died after being "savagely attacked by the population".

The SIC official, hit in the leg in the exchange of fire with the alleged assailants, "is out of danger" and receives assistance in one of the hospitals in the capital, said the same source.

Nestor Goubel, who regretted the facts, assured that the corporation in Luanda from now on "will have no consideration for the assailants" and said that the reaction of the police "will be proportional to the measure of the threat they present".

"This is how it will henceforth be done using the principle of proportionality. All those who go out into the streets to change public order and tranquility will be responded to with the same level of proportionality, depending on the degree of threat", assures the spokesperson for the police in Luanda.

"So if he [the criminal] goes out into the street with a gun, let the family know he's not coming back," he warned.

Goubel also lamented the death of a police officer, on Wednesday, in the Shoprite area of ​​Palanca, hit following a robbery, and reaffirmed: "Warn the criminals that there will be no more contemplations for those who try to react with the police".

Luanda, with more than eight million inhabitants, has in recent days registered a wave of robberies, which translates into a climate of public insecurity, also expressed with concern by the Catholic bishops.

On Tuesday, authorities expressed concern about crime in the country, particularly in Luanda, after announcing that ten thousand crimes had been registered in Angola in the past months of August and September.