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ZEE will set up an investor support office to expand production and exports

An Investor Support Office (GAI) will be created this year by the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone (ZEE). This office aims to expand domestic production and exports.


ZEE said, in a statement quoted by Angop, that the office will bring several advantages, including the reduction of time needed to access and resolve issues related to public administration.

The GAI will also help in the significant growth of the number of companies headquartered in the ZEE, writes Angop.

Furthermore, bureaucratic barriers, seen as detrimental to those who want access to assets that are to be privatized, should also be removed with the GAI.

According to the note, the ZEE has 132 projects, of which 75 are fully operational. Eleven projects are currently being restructured, while seven are waiting for the privatization process to be completed.

One project is ready to start production, while 18 are being built and 20 are in the project implementation phase.

The statement also states that more than half of the projects (60 percent) concern factories, 25 percent are commercial establishments and 10 percent are related to services.

The ZEE celebrated, on the 15th of October, 12 years of existence. Over these years, the projects of this undertaking have created more than 6000 new jobs, most of which are occupied by Angolans.