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Luanda's new Military Hospital will cost 96.3 million dollars

The construction, equipping and supervision of the works of the new Military Hospital in Luanda will cost the State coffers around 96.3 million dollars. The unit will be able to accommodate 200 beds.


The expenditure was approved by presidential order 169/21, 15th of October. The document adds that "when there is a need to improve health services, the opening of the simplified hiring procedure is formalized by the material criterion for the award of the contract for the design, construction, staff training, equipping of the new Military Hospital of Luanda, with a global value of 90 million dollars. The inspection contract costs 6.3 million dollars".

According to Expansão, when this infrastructure is completed, it will join the Luanda Main Military Hospital, which has a capacity of 320 beds and has been upgraded since 2013.

In another presidential dispatch, the head of state gives the green light to an expenditure of 240 million euros with the opening of the credit line of the Italian bank Unicredit to start the construction of regional military hospitals in the provinces of Cabinda, Huambo and Moxico.

According to Expansão, the works at the Cabinda unit will cost 64.5 million euros, those in Huambo are budgeted at 110 million euros and those in Moxico will cost 65.8 million euros.