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President authorizes expense to buy fertilizers until 2021

The President authorized the spending and opening of a tender for the acquisition of agricultural inputs, including fertilizers, in order not to compromise the agricultural year 2020-2021, threatened by covid-19.


The Presidential Decree No. 147/20 of 15 October, to which the Lusa agency had access this Monday, says that the agricultural year 2020-2021 began on the 9th of this month, and due to the state of emergency and subsequent calamity that the country has experienced, as well as the constraints on international markets, the purchase of fertilizers and agricultural fertilizers was made impossible.

Also the restrictions in the circulation of people and goods, due to the pandemic, made part of the agricultural seeds that were prepared for the new agricultural year, to be used by the population, to help situations of urgent consumption.

"In this sense, there is a need to acquire new agricultural inputs and specialized services to support the production process and family agriculture as part of the response to the impact of the covid-19 pandemic," the diploma states.

The head of state, João Lourenço, thus authorized the expenditure and opening of a simplified contracting procedure by material criteria, for the acquisition of agricultural inputs and specialized services, divided into lots, namely compound fertilizers, simple fertilizers, yellow and white corn seeds, butter beans and services for the transportation of agricultural inputs.

In another decree, the President authorized the opening of a supplementary credit of one billion kwanzas for the payment of expenses of the Budget Unit of the Ministry of Economy and Planning, without further details.