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President reveals that Angola has a record of ten cases of “medical errors” in 2023

At least ten cases of medical errors were registered this year by the Order of Doctors (Ormed), which is awaiting notification about alleged medical negligence at Hospital Américo Boavida (HAB), the president told Lusa this Thursday.

: Lusa

"In the years that we have been here we have had quite a few cases of medical errors. This year alone (2023) we have around 10 cases and last year there were quite a few too", stated Elisa Gaspar, noting that the aforementioned cases "did not result in deaths".

The head of Ormed, who refused to comment on the alleged case of medical negligence that resulted in the death of a citizen, on Tuesday, outside the HAB, in Luanda, highlighted that the institution is awaiting notification from the management of the hospital unit to issue opinion.

"I didn't see anything, we didn't know anything, we didn't receive any information. The information we saw is what the director (of HAB) spoke about on television, saying that there was negligence, but we didn't see it, he who is there on the ground is what you're saying", she stressed.

Elisa Gaspar said she hopes that Ormed is notified so that the Council of Medical Ethics and Deontology together with the National Disciplinary Council of that body can approach the doctor about the circumstances of the incident and, from there, "issue an opinion".

"But, for now, we don't have anything concrete and we are waiting for the hospital to notify us, because we don't even know the colleague's name", she pointed out.

The HAB management announced, on Wednesday, the suspension of the medical team, following the incident, and reported the incident, due to alleged negligence of the medical team on duty, to the Criminal Investigation Service, promising "due accountability" to the doctor who will have denied assistance to the patient.

For the president of the Medical Association, who preferred not to comment on the measures imposed on the doctor, the situation "is worrying", especially due to the fact that the citizen died outside that hospital.

"The fact that the citizen died outside the hospital is worrying. Now, what the director said is because he saw it and he is the one who knows and, therefore, we will not make judgments based on what we are only hearing", she insisted.

Asked whether Ormed regularly records cases of medical negligence, the pediatrician also said that that body does not have records of cases involving deaths, but only cases of medical errors.

"We have cases of errors by the medical team and, many times, it is not the doctor, sometimes it is another healthcare professional, but as the team is doctors, then it is said that it is a medical error, but then when we confront We often find that it is not the doctor", concluded Elisa Gaspar.


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