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João Lourenço reappointed the majority of the executive for being part of a “winning team”

The President of the Republic, who swore in the new members of his executive, said that he reappointed the majority because they were part of “a fighting and winning team”, encouraging, at the beginning of the new functions, “to work more and communicate better”.


"I intended to reappoint most of those who were part of the previous executive because they belonged to a team that was a fighter, but above all a winner", said João Lourenço at the inauguration of the new members of his executive, which includes 27 ministers and 18 governors, one for each province.

A team that, continued the head of state, "worked in the midst of countless adversities, knew how to overcome them, overcome them and make great achievements in favor of the Angolan people, in favor of our country, hence the fact that they were awarded with this reappointment".

He wished the newcomers a welcome and "best wishes for many successes", urging them to be humble

"No one is born knowing everything, despite the academic training that each one may have. At work we learn every day, we need to be humble in recognizing that we do not know everything. We learn by doing, we make mistakes and as long as they are not serious, we consider that are normal to carry out with zeal the missions entrusted to us", stressed João Lourenço.

In this mandate, the motto is to work more, communicate better", stressed the chief executive.

"We need to start working harder, right from the beginning, so that at the end we can say 'mission accomplished, we serve the Angolan people and nation well,'" he said.

The new executive brings only five new ministers, including some who were part of the previous government, but in other functions. It also maintains practically the same structure, with the exception of the supervision of Fisheries and the Environment, which were previously integrated into other ministries and have now become autonomous.

To the governors who, for the most part, remain, he said that they are responsible for completing the projects of the previous term and designing and executing new projects in all areas of development in our country: “for this we count on you as our representatives in the provinces and inside the country, so that we can develop the territory”.

He also underlined that the country will only be developed if the provinces and, above all, the municipalities are developed.

He also highlighted the benefits of the Integrated Intervention Program in Municipalities (PIIM), asking governors to pay special attention to this program.

“We need to follow up better, to conclude what is not done. There are provinces that are more advanced than others, but it is our responsibility to implement this plan, which has already shown that it is solving many of the communities' problems”, said João Lourenço, pointing to the construction of schools, health centers, supply systems of water and construction of streets.

He also admitted to extending the program when currently available resources are exhausted.

The President of the Republic stressed that the link with the central executive is fundamental, not only with the Minister of Territorial Administration, but in general with the entire executive and guaranteed: “my door will also always be open to receive you and welcome your needs.” your concerns”.

João Lourenço was re-elected President of the Republic in the past elections of 24 August and took office on Thursday.


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