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Nova Sotecma renews online store: “It is in unique times that companies must be agile and accelerate their evolution”

Nova Sotecma's online store has changed. It is now simpler and faster to find “everything your business needs”, just a click away. From pumping systems and water supply, through generators, to construction equipment and tools, the brand continues to “build the future”, also online.


It is on that "the brand of the Angolan industry" has made one of its most important bets for over 26 years. The new online store promises to enhance the experience of this type of shopping in the country, offering a wide range of products that can be purchased with ease and convenience, at any time.

"It is in unique times, of economic and health crisis, that companies must be agile and accelerate their evolution in line with the challenges of today and tomorrow", says Tiago Morais, general director of Nova Sotecma, to VerAngola .

The manager thus reiterates the brand's most recent commitment, which integrates an objective of "modernization and approach to the customer".

Searching through brands, product types or area of ​​activity, customers can easily find the available products, with purchases being shipped to any province in Angola or optionally picked up in one of the brand's physical stores (Luanda, Viana or Lobito).

"It is thus possible to meet the new needs of our customers who can thus select and purchase our products without leaving the comfort of their home/office, benefiting from a delivery to the home/workplace without complications and without delays", adds the responsible.

Alongside this renewed online store, a new institutional website is also available, also more modern and with a current message about the company and its services. It is now easier to find relevant information about areas of activity, product offers, catalogues, technical assistance or contacts.