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IGAPE opens tender for privatization of four agro-industrial enterprises via electronic auction

The Instituto de Gestão de Activos e Participações do Estado (IGAPE) has opened a public tender to privatize four agro-industrial enterprises. At stake are the Model Slaughterhouse of Malanje, the Caxito Agro-Industrial Complex, the Namibe Agro-Industrial Complex and the Dombe Grande Agro-Industrial Complex.


In a statement published on its website, IGAPE said that the sale will be made by electronic auction: "Under the 2019-2022 Privatisation Programme, the Institute for the Management of State Assets and Participations, as the state entity responsible for implementing the respective programme, today [Tuesday] began the Public Tender, by means of Electronic Auction, in the Assets Sale modality, for the privatisation" of four agro-industrial enterprises.

The auction will begin at midnight on November 2nd and will end at 11:59pm on November 3rd. For this, all those interested in participating in the tender must submit their application on the Electronic Auction Portal by 11:59 pm on November 1.

The list of enterprises to be privatized is composed of the Model Slaughterhouse of Malanje, located in Malanje, and the Agro-Industrial Complex of Caxito (Bengo), which is composed of the Cold Storage Warehouse of Caxito and the Tomato Processing Plant of Caxito.

Also to be sold are the Namibe Agro-Industrial Complex (Namibe), comprising the Namibe Cold Storage and the Namibe Tomato Processing Plant, and the Dombe Grande Agro-Industrial Complex (Benguela), which includes the Dombe Grande Cold Storage, the Dombe Grande Can Factory and the Dombe Grande Tomato Processing Plant.

"Thus, the interested in visiting the referred enterprises, should, for the effect, send an e-mail, with the indication of the dates in which they intend to visit each one of the assets and the number of representatives for each entity, that cannot be superior to 5 people, being up to them the inherent costs of their displacement", adds the note.

Learn more about the procedure here.