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Huambo province gains the country's largest landfill from next year

Starting next year, the province of Huambo should have the largest landfill in the country. The landfill works are practically concluded, with an execution of 95 percent, and the project already has some equipment for the treatment of solid waste.


According to Susana Capetia, responsible for solid waste management of the provincial government of Huambo, the landfill "is designed for a useful life of 20 years and is expected to serve a population of up to two million inhabitants".

The official added that the installation, in the landfill, of an incinerator for hospital waste is planned.

Speaking to Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA), the official indicated that the project is expected to be completed in 2022: "The landfill is expected to be completed by next year".

With the works suspended since 2015 due to lack of funding, Susana Capetia said they are waiting for "the availability of amounts for the effective completion of this landfill".

In turn, environmentalist Avelino Novais considered that the landfill is an asset and congratulated the project.

The landfill "will significantly reduce the amount of garbage on the outskirts or even within the city," he said.

Also in statements to RNA, the environmentalist also stated that this project will be an economic advantage: "Garbage is used, it goes through a process, it makes money, so from a socio-economic point of view this aspect is quite positive".

The landfill is being built in Catenguenha, about 20 kilometers from the center of the province.