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Sonangol reopens Cabinda plant and increases gas filling capacity by three times more

The flagship oil company has tripled its gas filling capacity in Cabinda: the capacity of the Cabinda plant has increased from 3000 12-kilogram gas cylinders per day to 9000 cylinders.


The increase in production levels is a result of the re-inauguration of the Cabinda Manufacturing Unit. Located in Cabinda's Ocean Terminal, the unit was rehabilitated between January 2020 and June 2021, and antiquated equipment was replaced.

The rehabilitation of the infrastructure will also make it possible to increase the gas storage capacity. The storage will increase from 72 to 224 cubic meters.

According to Angop, the increase of gas pumping and the change of the bottle filling system to automatic, will make possible a gas availability in the market of about 28 percent.

José Barroso, the Secretary of State for Oil and Gas, responsible for the reinauguration of the unit, considered that the province is now well served and that the problems related to the low supply of the product in the market have been overcome.

He also indicated, cited by Angop, that they will continue to "listen and listen" to the population and to "identify their problems", in order to provide an answer to them.

"The government will continue to improve the supply of services and goods for the population," he added.

In his turn, Marco Nhunga, governor of Cabinda, admitted that the work developed by Sonangol to rehabilitate the unit has responded to the population's needs.

Also cited by Angop, the governor indicated that the next step is to try to solve the shortage of gasoline and diesel supply in the province, since this problem has been generating long queues in recent times.

In addition to the factory unit, Cabinda also has a gas filling station in the village of Subantando. This station is capable of storing 27 cubic meters and filling 1000 bottles per day, distributed among about 14 resale stations (about 150 bottles per reseller).