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Tchizé dos Santos admits to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights

The daughter of the former president, Tchizé dos Santos, said this Thursday that she will complain to the European Court of Human Rights if the Spanish justice does not back down on the decision on the delivery of the body to his ex-wife.


"If the answer [to the appeal presented this Thursday regarding the decision to grant custody of the corpse of the former President of Angola to his ex-wife] is to deliver the body and authorize the transfer, obviously I will file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights because a citizen is here who wants to take the body to Angola and I and other European citizens risk our lives if we go there", argued Tchizé dos Santos.

In an interview with Lusa following the filing of an appeal against the Spanish court's decision to grant custody of the body to Ana Paula dos Santos, former wife of former President José Eduardo dos Santos, and to authorize the transfer to Angola, the eldest daughter old head of state says the decision is not fair.

"It is a human right for us to bury our father, our father is where we [the children] are, and a European court is authorizing the transfer of a body to a country where there is no security is a crime against human rights because is putting my life at risk and if I decide like that, I will seek justice because it doesn't seem like a fair decision," she argued.

Showing that she was "very surprised" by the decision announced on Wednesday, Tchizé dos Santos reiterates that "Spain has different courts, where different matters are dealt with" and stresses that "what was being dealt with in this court was the investigation into homicide" that she herself motivated.

"The court decided to file, very well, but this court is not suitable for dealing with family matters," she pointed out.

Asked why she considers that the funeral is already being prepared to take place in Luanda, on Monday, two days before the elections, Tchizé dos Santos admits that she has no evidence, but guarantees that this is the intention.

"I have information, I have no evidence, but I was informed that the plan is to take the body tomorrow [Friday] or Saturday and have the funeral on Monday", he says, considering that the decision is "another humiliation of João Lourenço to José Eduardo dos Santos".

Moreover, he recalls that the former Japanese prime minister, who died on the same day as José Eduardo dos Santos, will only be buried at the end of September, and by decision of the Japanese parliament, and argues that "a state funeral is not organized one day to the next."

In the interview, Tchizé dos Santos strongly criticized the current President of the Republic, João Lourenço, calling him a "murderer, corrupt and primitive" and maintained the idea that his life, and that of his brothers, would be in danger if he returned to Angola.

José Eduardo dos Santos, who ruled Angola from 1979 to 2017, died on July 8, aged 79, in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he has spent most of his time for the past five years.

Two factions of the dos Santos family dispute, in the Family Court of the Civil Court of Catalonia, who will have custody of the body of José Eduardo dos Santos.

On the one hand, there are Tchizé dos Santos and his older brothers, who oppose the delivery of the remains to the former first lady and are against holding a state funeral before the August 24 elections to avoid political exploitation.

On the other side is the widow Ana Paula dos Santos and her three children in common with José Eduardo dos Santos, who also claim the body and want it to be buried in Angola in the near future.

On Wednesday, the court decided to attribute the corpse to the former wife and authorized the transfer to Angola, after concluding definitively that José Eduardo dos Santos died of natural causes.


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