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"New Education", the Angolan platform that promises to revolutionize online education

The national education system this year has undergone several changes due to covid-19. The closure of schools and the limitation to face-to-face classes have put the country to the test. Lessons have been taught through television and, with the spread of the virus, teaching has faced several challenges. In order to combat these adversities, engineer Alisson Miguel decided to create the "New Education" platform, an added value for distance learning.


This platform can be used by both public and private schools and includes all years of education, from nursery school to higher education.

"New Education" allows teachers and students to communicate directly through a 'chat' if they have any questions. It also allows explanations and lessons to be given online and exercises to be carried out.

The platform becomes practical because it allows students, teachers and institutions to access the materials anywhere and anytime.

"This level of education, which we intend to implement, will follow the world trend, substantially forced by the Covid-19 pandemic", he said, quoted by Jornal de Angola, admitting that the platform will only make progress if "the Ministries of Education and Higher Education homologate distance education in Angola.

"Some institutions have sought to make partnerships with foreign institutions," said Alisson Miguel, stating that this could become an "unprecedented evil for teachers".

"We are willing to support the Executive in this transversal challenge," he said, adding that this platform is adapted to the reality of education in the country.

In addition, according to the engineer, the application makes some recommendations: that the value of tuition fees be reduced by about 40 percent and that contracts be renegotiated.

According to Alisson Miguel, if salaries are reduced it will be possible to pay teachers 60 per cent of their salaries and half of their salaries to other school staff, since they are working from a distance.

For now the application is waiting for the green light from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Classes, between September and December of this year, should be taught via television, between 07h00 and 18h00 from Monday to Friday.