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Public administration staff will be recruited by public tender conducted by a single entity

The entry of cadres in the public administration will go through public entrance exams, conducted by a single recruiting entity that will have a scholarship of experts to evaluate the candidates, according to a presidential decree.


The diploma published this Tuesday, which establishes the Single Recruitment Entity of Cadres of the Central Administration, applies to all services, except the sovereign bodies and the Defense and Security bodies, the recruitment of higher education teachers and services local administration.

The Entity will be responsible for the opening of the competition and must carry out tests to establish a database of candidates for entry into the public administration.

The contests will take place "only in specific cases, at the request of the sectors, subject to vacancies".

In each competition, a database can be created consisting of the approved candidates "for the purpose of allocation to any urgent requests that may occur in the same period" and which is valid for one year.

The central administration services are obliged, according to the diploma, to select only the candidates recruited by this entity.

The jury consists of a pool of experts composed of employees of the entity and also includes a representative of the target organism of the staff to be recruited, and may also include members of professional orders and civil society "with recognized professional merit, credibility and personal integrity" .