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Luanda Provincial Government and United Nations involve community in fight against covid-19

The Provincial Government of Luanda and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Angola will cooperate on entrepreneurship programmes and implementation of a community engagement strategy to support the fight against covid-19.


The memorandum signed this Wednesday between UNDP representative Edo Stark and the Governor, Joana Lina is part of the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030.

According to Edo Stark, it aims to achieve two results: to operationalize the Entrepreneur Academy in Luanda to foster entrepreneurship and self-employment, an "urgent need in the post-covid period and especially for young people" and to implement a strategy of community involvement in Luanda to combat covid-19 and other health emergencies.

"With 90 percent of covid-19 cases worldwide registered in urban centres, we count on the engagement of various actors, such as volunteers, civil society organizations, companies and educational entities," said the head of UNDP.

Joana Lina, for her part, highlighted that "UNDP is the right partner for this initiative because it is the entity that at the level of the United Nations system promotes the objectives of sustainable development.

It is also about laying the foundations of the provincial strategy of community engagement in the context of Luanda's response to covid-19, taking into account the community circulation of the virus and the need to "prepare ourselves to live with the isolation and home treatment of asymptomatic cases in our neighborhoods", added the governor.

The aim is to involve all living forces, including families, businesses, residents' committees and other civil society organisations.